Last post I’ve posted here more than two years ago. Yesterday I decided to update blog to use newer version of theme, hugo and switch to use Github Actions for deployment. Hopefully now I’ll actually start using it as I feel it could be a great tool to improve my own productivity.


I’ve been working toward sharing more information publicly for a while now starting with my Twitter account, but now I have big goal of trying to do it consistently to report my progress toward being financially independent and building my own business.

From time to time I find these people, interviews, podcasts or courses that give me this eureka moments. Last month I’ve been listening to multiple podcasts and this time inspiration came from outside: during reading and listening to Naval Ravikant. If you don’t know about him make sure to check out his interviews and Twitter.

It wasn’t some eye opening experience or secret knoledge, but it was sufficient motivation for me to publicly commit to share more information about my learning and side project development.

I had my own private diary that I share with no one. While even I almost never ever read it existence of said diary help me to stick to my goals. Hopefully sharing information about what I learning or working on will boost my productivity even more than that.