My name is Arseniy and I’m open source enthusiast and C++ developer. I using Linux for over 10 years and have background in web development, Linux system administration and all kind of automation using Bash, Python and Go.

While I enjoy all kind of music, books and TV shows main hobby of my life is PC gaming. Started playing on PC since 1996 and I still huge fan of classical games of many genres from Black Isle, BioWare, Bullfrog, NWC, etc. Some of my favorite games are Fallout 1 / 2, Heroes of Might and Magic 2 / 3, Jagged Alliance 2, Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Age of Empires, Seven Kingdoms, Total Annihilation and there are many more.

I also enjoy modern games starting from everything Obsidian Entertainment produced or the Witcher series. While I was never big fan of MMO or FPS games I still spent many months in PlanetSide 2 and it’s another game that will always hold special place in my heart.

Back in 2013-2015 I actively participated development of game called Planetary Annihilation providing testing and technical support as volunteer. It’s was enjoyable experience so I decide that I want to become game developer myself and since then I slowly moving towards this goal.