I am a software engineer who has varying experience across many different areas. I spent almost a decade as a freelance web developer, however my personal development projects focus on completely different areas.

Skills and languages

  • C++: I still consider myself to be a junior developer, I’m always learning. Some of the libraries and tools I’ve used are:

    • Boost, SDL2, googletest.
    • Development of desktop applications: Qt, Qt Creator, GDB.
    • Profiling and debugging: Valgrind, Intel Parallel Studio.
    • Static code analysis: Clang, Cppcheck, and Coverity, etc.
  • Cross-platform development: I maintain CMake-based build and packaging system as well as continious integration for cross-platform game. I keep finger on the pulse of other platforms and able to work efficiently on Windows and macOS. I can do basic debugging and bug fixing in both Visual Studio and Xcode.

  • PHP: My experience as freelancer lay in maintaning of small and middle sized web projects that use following software:

    • MariaDB, PostgreSQL. I spent reasonable amount of time working with SQL databases.
    • Memcached, Sphinx.
    • Many CMS like WordPress, Drupal and frameworks like Zend, YUI.
  • Front end: Due to my web development background, I have experience with JavaScript, CSS and many frameworks and libraries.

  • System administration: For more than decade I have been using Linux-based operating systems such as my primary OS for both my personal desktop and servers. I have a deep and broad experience with building, deploying, configuring and debugging open source software. I have used tools for automation and management for servers, virtual machines and containers: libvirt, Ansible, Docker, etc.

  • Soft skills: I am fluent in English and Russian, but also interested in learning other languages. Experience of maintaining of open source project and helping end-users as volunteer gave me confidence in my teamwork and organizational skills.

  • Other skills: Over years I used Python, Go and many scripting languages to create tools for my own needs. I also big fan of regular expressions and use them in my every day routine. My another hobby is security and pentesting so I keep eye on modern attack and defense techniques.